Amulet Studio is a full service agency that offers a wide range of creative services in marketing and production.

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Amulet Studio is a full service regional agency equipped to provide its clients with creative solutions in the field of digital and integrated marketing, production of animation, new media (interactive videos, virtual reality technology) and digital gaming.

Our strategic thinking and experience help us find the best way to meet the needs of our clients, enhance their communication and promote their services. Right at the start we have quickly grown into the regional full production house capable of producing promotional campaigns and animated films, creating and maintaining the social media content, giving good advice and expertise to various companies and institutions.

Creative expression comes in many wonderful forms which we always try to capture in our work.

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Amulet people

Highly motivated team of our enthusiasts is dedicated to finding out the most creative solutions that always surprise and enchant our partners. Whether you need an out of the box promotional campaign, an educational cartoon or advice for your strategic communication, you can rest assured we'll find an innovative approach to all your needs.


We present you the CEO of Amulet Studio – Tihana Šmitran! From an early childhood, Tihana knew she is going to be an entrepreneur. She is a natural born CEO who swims bravely in the global entrepreneurial ocean. If you just imagined a female shark, you got the wrong picture. Tihana is kind and warm person who sees the entrepreneurship as a great way to create new and original services/products which can make this world a better place.

Predrag Madžarević CREATIVE JUICER

Let us introduce Predi! He is a witty creative director of Amulet studio! Blend any ingredient into Predi and you will get freshly juiced and original ideas. We are lucky to work with him on a daily basis and proud to have him in our team!


No simple job title could describe all of Ines's skills, but Digital Account Manager might do the job for the moment. Her smooth talking approach to clients… her rapid fire replies to fans' comments on digital platforms… and her quick-witted way of creating social media strategy make her a full time multitasking wonder.


Call him THE Designer. Agron Lešdedaj. He creates stunning visuals which are hard to forget. Since he is fully dedicated to his work, we have every right to nickname him “Restless Design Machine”. He can turn any campaign into a work of art and design a good atmosphere in Amulet Studio’s office."


Paula is the youngest member of Amulet team who tweaks the controls of digital software like some skillful female samurai. Her masterful touch transforms almost everything – be it kinetc typography or repetitvely silly GIFs – into a form of art. Digital illustrations, 2D and 3D animation, infographics and interactive presentations remain her deadly amazonian weapons.


When you have demanding tasks or insane deadlines breathing down your neck, all you need is a detail oriented person or perfectionist to make a job done. Our Account Manager Jana is almost worringly meticulous in her business formalities that not a single typo or unanswered e-mail will get in the way of perfectly created campaign.


When you have Sandra as the Financial Manager (as we do) you'll never have to worry about the catastrophic office events like lost invoice or even printer malfunction. Her extraordinary organisational skills ensure the smooth running of an office on a day-to-day basis and her number crunching craft expertly takes care of our office finances and supplies.

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