Short, multiplatform (on the go), engaging – the new way of internal communication.

“If we want to educate first we must entertain.” – Sesame street

The same holds for catching ones attention and memorising the information. We communicate differently today; fast, on the go with short attention span. No more long emails, PDF files or intranet links that no one reads. Time is the most important variable, use it smartly. New generations that are coming are more than ever aware of this fact.

Great stories are fun, short and created to keep your attention long enough to communicate all the important elements.

Why are internal communications vital?

If we imagine an organisation as being a person we can all agree that our inner health is as important as the outer health, and exactly so is the situation with companies. The better the communication flows around the company, the better the outcome possibilities and outcome is. Good communication has always been the key to success in any areas of our lives.

Internal communications can surge the efficiency and motivation of the organisation by 10-15% because they narrow the gap between companys sectors, locations and any other physical obsticles that gets in the way. They are the fundamental tool for bringing the people together towards the goals the company has set up. Nowdays, the usual tools for internal communications is newsletters or live presentations when some more relevant news or situation occurs.

Amulet offers a wide variety of animation, length and theme based for every occasion. If you want to find out more, feel free to contact us!

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