There’s always a new way to make the prize contests and prize games more attractive to the fans. Look no further on than to two of our recent successful prize game campaigns which we created for the well-known global home appliances brand Electrolux.

Add just one secret ingredient to your smoothie: a good Instagram influencer.

The first prize game campaign used the power of a good influencer. We met with the Croatian food blogger Maja Brekalo who has more than 100,000 followers on the Instagram and we decided to make some good fruit smoothies with her! Maja prepared some tasty recipes with the secret ingredient that had to be guessed. And guess what? Thousands of people participated in a game on Facebook in order to get the main prize – cool Electrolux blender.


Sometimes a catchy headline has the power to grease someone’s moustache.

The second prize game was dedicated to the people who bought Electrolux’s ovens. We created a catchy headline in Croatian: “Feast upon the prizes“ that attracted a huge audience and was shared many times on clients’ social media channels. The stylishly designed moustache in the visual is actually a word punning in Croatian (when we want to “feast upon“ something in Croatia we literally say “to grease someone’s moustache“). Hmmmm, who would have thought that sometimes a catchy headline could grease someone’s moustache?

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