Creative tech studio that offers a wide range of services in animation, infotainment, content creation and new media.

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To say that Amulet Studio is just an ordinary marketing agency would have been false and incomplete. Indeed, we are doing all the things that ordinary agencies do – we take care of our clients’ needs and wishes by:

  • creating digital content such as animations, infographics and eye-catching visuals,
  • building up brands and handling campaigns as well as the social media and web pages,
  • managing and optimizing your company’s internal communications.

But we took our business journey to even higher levels. There aren’t many agencies that produce their own cartoon series. We have two of those up to this moment. One, named &Black&White, is an artsy cartoon that plays with shapes in black and white, made for children and adults that has recently received 2nd place at the Los Angeles Animation Festival for the Best short animated series.

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