Are you a coffee or a tea drinker? Do you prefer the strong scent of South American coffee in the morning, or aromatic fruit, perhaps green tea? Maybe you drink just water… Anyway, no matter what your pick is, you need a glass, a cup or a mug for it. We all have that favourite one we tend to bond with. Either it’s filled with “wake up“ coffee or perhaps hot, soul warming tea, that little thing helps us trough the day, every day… Even on weekends, holidays, birthdays, that habit remains… And that mug remains…

Uniquely designed gift

We at Amulet tried to make that mug even more special for our Clients, and got a thought – What if we designed something unique, something worth our time to cheer up our Clients and to show them that we care about their little habits and want to be a part of it.

Our designers didn’t hesitate one bit. They came with the idea of creating an individual mug for each Client by designing their faces in an artsy, cartoonish, and colorfull way by putting them on it. Imagine all the problems we helped solve. No more questions in the office about whose mug is whose. No more debates on who took the right mug. There is only one thing left – you and your little habit.

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