We live in a multidimensionalworld: we are surrounded by smartphones and various applications  and Augmented Reality technology, as well as Virtual Reality interfaces are making their way to our lives. Why not make them a part of our marketing experience, as well?

For our client, Wienerberger Hrvatska, we have created an elegantly designed brochure enhanced with an Augmented Reality application. The premise was simple: How can we draw the Wienerberger customers’ attention to the variety of Wienerberger roof tiles and their colours and designs? The solution was simple: classic paper brochure upgraded with smart phone technology and AR!

If Augmented Reality technology is making their way into our lives, why not make it a part of our marketing experience, as well?

With a touch of a button everyone could now take a look around and inside the Wienerberger house in 3D technology. Options included: choosing one’s favourite roof tile colour or design, enjoying the stunning 3D view of a simulated house and, last but not least, looking inside and “through the walls“ of a featured home… all this thanks to the wonders of the new AR technology and the magical touch of programming.

Next time when your client decides to ditch the good old paper brochure using the words: “Oh, it’s so outdated“, make them sure that a little bit of AR magic could make their brochure look and feel ultra-modern and exciting!

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