If we want to encourage children to embrace the right values we should talk their language. Educating through entertainment, or more simply play.

Our multiplatform edutainment project is here to celebrate the diversity, inclusion and create a kinder and more sustainable world for our children.

Using a simple, yet entertaining language of animation we edutain about equality, inclusion, tackle the negative sides of violence, racism by encouraging active lifestyle, sports, collaboration and divergent thinking among children.

The story will take place on and around the playground and be told through child’s eyes following the adventure of a young boy Bo and his sidekick, dalmatian dog Go. Yet the physical humor in the episodes will also be enjoyed by adults.

Our mission is to empower children and boost their health and well-being through sports and edutainment


This is the moment to recall the importance of children wellbeing when close to 1 B children face some kind of mental health issues in the post COVID world. Children are vulnerable and they strongly feel the consequences of the pandemics. By uniting and collaborating we could prevent the mental, emotional and behavioural disorders in children.

Through the synergy of the organisations, media, entertainment industry, sport stars and influencers we could deliver the right message and be the catalyst for change that this generation sorely needs, thus setting up the stepping stones for a better future of our children and inspiring many others to follow.

United Nations 17 SDG                                                                                           

By promoting equality, inclusion, good health and well-being and educating children we are working on solving 3 out of 17 United Nations SDGs goals with many others being intwined.

Great storytelling can be a powerful vehicle to boost children’s motivation, encouragement and to deliver a positive message to millions of children across the Europe.

Our team has already produced the first 13 episodes of the original And Black And White series that were awarded on the festivals across the world and became part of the curriculum of the children school programme in Croatia. The episodes, games and App enhance childrens’ visual perception and spark imagination through short and engaging language agnostic episodes that any child can follow along.

Internationally recognized mentors and advisors are supporting us including the Official UN SDG Advocates, Members of the Expert Network for the World Economic Forum for Innovation, Climate Change, Academy-award nominated producers, writers, a former Croatian Minister of Science, Education and Sports and the venture capitalists.

Television network HRT has confirmed the support in production and will collaborate with our creative team and advisory board to deliver the high quality product for children.

Every episodes would follow a certain topic / no to violence / mental health / equality and for each of them we would have one sport stars as an ambassador promoting the values associated with the episode towards children.

Our vision is to build the world of unity, collaboration and sincere kindness among children.

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