Healthy habit

How do you take your coffee? Black, white, with or without sugar? There are many variables on this everyday habit – but we, the coffee lovers rarely ask ourselves, is our coffee healthy? Can we make it better, creamier? It’s always a thin line between healthy and unhealthy… A thin line that does make a colossal difference.

Gheek coffee booster and tea products

The same health/taste issue bothered the Gheek founders at the beginning of this story. The starting point was: There are hundreds of million coffee and tea drinkers combined worldwide, meaning there are hundreds of million potential consumers that could make their drink rituals tastier and their life much healthier in just one step – and that is by using Gheek coffee booster and tea products that are 100% organic. With ingredients such as coconut oil and ghee, both proven to be extremely healthy enhanced with positive cognitive effects – those steps would be taken successfully.

How to change THE ritual?

It’s not easy to change someones lifelong rituals such as coffee or tea time, even when the end result creates a happier or better life for those who decide to actually change it. We at Amulet studio were handed with the task to do exactly that by creating the whole story behind the clients products. A new logo, brand strategy, slogan and mood had to be created in order to position Gheek where it should be – In the shelf of the person who takes care of themselves and in the mind of the dynamic person who wanders in everyday fast pace life.

Entering new markets with the completely new product is never easy, countless questions emerge on every step of the process. We took the challenge and after the brand identity was created, the next step was the design of the product packaging such as the sachets, frothers, HORECA boxes that will speak the brand story without using any words – just via the design itself.

Enjoy your favourite drink and our design…

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