“The most valuable commodity I know of is information…” – Said Gordon Gekko, a movie character from the 80’s blockbuster Wall Street. It is true that those with the right information have the upper hand in today’s business and life itself. Whether that information is simple such as rain forecasted for tomorrow so you can prepare with an umbrella, or for instance, correct and honest information circulation inside one’s company. Bringing safety and transparency around the organization, making the employees more satisfied and motivated knowing they’re in a healthy, transparent environment.


Stay informed

Information, and its clean accurate flow around the organization is the key to success in today’s business. Enter Dita. This cleanly drawn, yet charming lady is the centre figure of our clients internal communications at A1 Hrvatska. She informs, as well as reveals numbers and stats that every member of the organisation needs to know. We at Amulet Studio are highly proud of her accomplishments, starring already in several animations as the main character of the information provider for the A1 Hrvatska company.

She’s the best! Take a look for yourself.


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