Foundation on top

Although it comes on top and it’s built at the near end of the building process, a roof is the foundation of ones house and our client Wienerberger has it all. Not just beautifully designed tiles made out of 100% natural clay, but also the entire system solutions that turns all the seperate roof components into one powerful unit that can resist anything that comes it’s way.

The roof that doesn’t let anything through

There are many challenges your roof will undertake during it’s „life cycle“ and the primary goal of a roof is to remain stable and solid, providing the safety and security for everybody under it. Sudden weather switches and climate change in general made this challenge even bigger and tougher to manage. Well, we have some great news here – Wienerberger owned all of these challenges! Bear in mind – Wienerberger is a company that has recently celebrated its 200th birthday. Two centuries of success in the building industry, two centuries of fighting harsh weather conditions.

By knowing all this information, we came up with the idea to create a campaign that will emphasize all the benefits of using Wienerberger, or to be more precise Tondach roof solutions. The main focus of the campaign was to depict emotional and physical security as well as stability. That’s why the slogan for the campaign was „Tondach: the roof that doesn’t let anything through“ with the following message – „…Not even your dearest moments in life.“ where we pointed out the two main highlights of the Tondach roof system solutions – emotion and functionality. The main visual was Wienerberger’s e4 house with a family in front representing an idyllic scenery with the best and most beautiful roof you could ever have.

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